Makeup artist renders faces as pixels, drawings, more

Fantastic. Dose writes,

Photographer Alexander Khokhlov and Makeup Artist Veronica Ershova worked on a project that transforms regular women into magical works of art… Despite some of the photos looking like drawings, they are all actual women with their makeup perfectly done to capture the vision of the artists.

Click through to see the full set.




[Via Maria Brenny]

2 thoughts on “Makeup artist renders faces as pixels, drawings, more

  1. Please disable the “Click to see the full Set”. All it does is take me to a bunch of useless and annoying damn advertisements. What is wrong with you people? Can you not have a page without all the crap on it?

    1. I think you might be ‘tbear with a sore head’. 😉 FWIIW, I didn’t get any popups, or adverts of any kind, and I don’t have any blockers installed.

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