Snapseed plans: The return of Grunge & more

Snapseed 2.0 is an enormous new release, and along with all the new goodness (non-destructive editing, brushing, healing, masks, new filters, etc.), a few changes have proven controversial. The team is listening (especially via the user forum) and planning improvements.

Among these, we plan to bring back the Grunge filter (not the most widely used tool—hence its removal from v2—but one with a very passionate following). We’ll also offer a way to play nicely with apps (e.g. Lightroom) that don’t yet support iOS 8’s model for non-destructive editing (see previous post). I can’t promise a specific timeframe, but stay tuned.

Thanks for all the feedback to date, and please keep it coming!

10 thoughts on “Snapseed plans: The return of Grunge & more

  1. John:

    I am still trying to understand the new IOS 8, OS X and Photos paradigm. I was a traditional Aperture desktop user and enjoyed both the nondestructive editing and the file management.

    The rap on the new Photos app is that it does not provide the same robust editing and metadata tools as an Aperture. Since iOS and OS X OS X now talk to each other, is there really a need for a robust desktop app if you are happy with what an app like Snapseed can do in iOS. Isn’t Snapseef now effectively a opetating like an OSX app for the purposes of editing in the Apple Photos paradigm? Is there anything that a native OS X photo app could offer, compared to a IOS app other than the fact that it would appear on a larger screen ? Do I really need Aperture anymore?

    Is there also a reason why Snapseef cannot be accessed as a photo app extension under iOS? It looks like Pixelmator and Litely have this capability. I wish that Snapseef would do this because it does take one less step from editing

  2. This is GREAT news. I am one of the very passionate and frequent users of the grunge filter, and commend the team for listening to users’ comments and feedback. The grunge filter is an integral part of my work flow, and its return is massively appreciated.

  3. Thank you for working on this. Please do not forget the other features that we relied on, that do not resemble 1.6. I have posted some on Google + HDR does not look anything like one 1.6 also vintage and the texture that went with.

  4. Thanks for letting us know that Grunge will return. It’s also become a core part of my workflow. I’ve begun replicating in PS but I would be over the moon if it returned to Snapseed.

    Thanks again and please let us know timeframes when you can.


  5. Please bring back the original vintage filters and textures – was a huge part of my post workflow! PlZ and thank you!

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