Affinity Photo arrives to challenge Photoshop

This new Mac app looks surprisingly complete in its first public beta form:

According to PetaPixel,

Tools that come in the box include Frequency Separation editing, live blend modes, and inpainting (i.e. Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill). Affinity Photo supports 16-bits per channel editing, a full history of reversible edits, ICC color profiling, LAB color, end-to-end CMYK, and Photoshop PSD and 64-bit plug-in support.

When the program leaves beta testing and officially launches, it will be available through the Mac App Store for $50 with no subscription charges and free updates for two years.

You can download a copy in exchange for your email address.

What do you think of it?

7 thoughts on “Affinity Photo arrives to challenge Photoshop

  1. “$50 with no subscription charges and free updates for two years” – competition is great! For the cost of 1 month of CC!

  2. Well, first of all, it’s an amazing debut (for their Designer plus Photo programs together) from a developer that has never before produced Mac software – Serif has been in business a long time and only made Windows-based applications until very recently. Second, it’s as of now genuinely beta grade software. But, it will become a partial replacement also for Lightroom – it has a Develop module ( or “Persona”) for Raw file import (including DNG). In addition to what PetaPixel noted, the user can Save an edited image file with the edit history all embedded – nice! It has a Macro module (or “Persona”, again) which – though not in the beta – will allow editing steps to be recorded (a la Actions). There is direct support for third-part Photoshop plug-ins. Altogether it truly has a lot of promise. It’s possible to use the beta for retouching work pretty much as it stands today. (And it is very quick).

  3. It looks great, so does Pixelmator, but I’m so vested in Photoshop, and know it so well that I don’t have time, nor the desire to learn another photo editing program. That’s just me. The price is desirable though. It’ll take a lot to sway the design community away from Photoshop.

  4. I agree with Alan Valek. I have Pixelmator, Gimp and that photo app from Apple… what was it’s name? along with CS6 Master Suite. Nothing is as familiar to my creative brain as Photoshop- I imagine, it happens. But I’m old. If I was just beginning and casting about for a tool set, Affinity would have my complete attention. Or maybe when I need to upgrade my OS beyond CS6 compatibility?

  5. This is tough for photoshop as many in market to compete real photoshop, Photoshop need to spend more on Features. As this 2015 itself affinity has come along with that
    Photoshop Online Free version has also come known as toolpic which recenlty lauch and see a great performance. I just used it’s beta version and it looks more promising , with what i have heard about it, Let seen to see full version with paid one. There should be a Browser based version also like we can see in photoshop,

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