Google & Mattel bring back the View-Master for immersive 360° panos

Drop your phone into the simple viewer hardware, then move the device to navigate. According to PetaPixel,

The new View-Master is a cheap and simple device that lets users go on “field trips,” visiting “famous places, landmarks, nature, planets and more” through 360-degree virtual reality photospheres. […]

The new View-Master will be available in the fall of 2015 for $30 for a viewer and a sample experience reel. Additional experience reels will cost $15 for a pack of 4 themed reels.


One thought on “Google & Mattel bring back the View-Master for immersive 360° panos

  1. Ok, wait a minute, I , yes I, came up with the idea last year and contacted Mattel to buy the rights so I could do a similar thing in 3D. Back in the 1950’s and other times Viewmaster had a camera that photographed a 3D viewmaster reel for private use. My company currently transforms old private viewmaster photos to DVD for play. I would be willing to be partners with google in this project. I have the dated work from last year and the other company Allied, with who I tried to get financing to buy the rights. I would love to continue my project. At that time Mattel refused to talk to me, incidentally. I think I still have the history of it.

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