2 thoughts on “Video: How to graffiti a train in minutes

  1. I suppose this makes me a curmudgeon and a philistine, but the arrogance, the overweaning narcissism of people who vandalize the property of others and justify it as art makes me nuts. Significant jail time and large fines, by all means. And if the artists have any stuff they own–their video game consoles, their mobile phones–by all means let’s make it available for others to destroy as a bit of performance art. Because art trumps everything.

  2. Crime is not art. People who commit criminal acts are not creative, they are destructive. If you want to tag something, tag a canvas and then display it in public. You get the same design and creativity that way, without the damage to other people’s property.

    There seems to be a generation coming of age who neither understand nor comply with what used to be common sense. I have often wanted to have a bumper sticker printed that says, “Common Sense Isn’t” because as a society we seem to have left order and intuition behind.

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