Video: Local layering ideas

Jim McCann is a graphics researcher (you might remember his interesting work with gradient-domain painting), and I’m happy to say he’s joining the Adobe advanced technology staff. He has some ideas about dealing with the limitations of traditional graphical layering models (as seen in Photoshop, After Effects, Flash, etc.):

For more videos & papers on the subject, check out the project page. [Via Jerry Harris]

10 thoughts on “Video: Local layering ideas

  1. Very nice idea. The “old” workaround would still be possible if necessary? Would the local area be allways rectangular or would it be an area selected with a “normal” selecton marque? Blending state of override would allways be “normal”, or are we assuming opaque objects?

  2. Not to rain on this fine parade, but that *exact* functionality has existed for 4-5 years in the brilliant and unique vector/bitmap program RealDraw:
    Which is not to say that I wouldn’t love to have this feature in PS CS6!
    [Thanks for the heads-up. I should probably reiterate (as always) that I share these examples just A) because I think they’re interesting and B) in case they generate conversation, but not because we necessarily have any plans to implement such a feature. (I know you probably know that, but not everyone does.) –J.]

  3. HOLY COW!!!
    [… but not because we necessarily have any plans to implement such a feature. (I know you probably know that, but not everyone does.) –J.]
    Content Aware Fill, Content Aware Resize, etc … and you guys would necessarily NOT implement that?
    You know what? I’m suffering since years from creating perspective perfect shadows in Photoshop.
    I were asking Red Giant Software if they would re-write “RG-Warp” as an Plugin for Photoshop.
    They did not gave a s**t about my request as Adobe did.
    My 50 Cent!

  4. After looking at the gradient domain video again, I’m not surprised that Adobe have snapped Jim MacCann up.
    Real Draw looks like a rather clever programme too. Though being a PC only programme will mean it won’t be considered a proper programme for creatives.

  5. Nice and simple, that the kind of things we actually use in everyday work. In a Photoshop environment it would work nice in a “stack order brush” or maybe a contextual menu for local overlaping rather than having to go trough the layers menu every time it’s needed.

    1. Yes! especially since Photoshop “knows” when there are pixels under the mouse, as the move tool’s(or Command+right click) contextual menu shows.
      But it would need to “learn” how to discover the bounds of the overlapping areas, and treat them accordingly.

  6. very nice. looking at the video seems to be quite intuitive, therefore a fast way to avoid copying layers. very nice stuff. looking forward, to see it in commercial software one day 🙂

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