* One Song

“Please, please don’t come to Google and waste your time.”

I tell this to promising interview candidates. That is, I hope they come here, but it’s waaaaay too easy to fall into a velvet fog: you get free food, good money, something for your parents to brag about… but you wake up one day and realize that you’re polishing some goddamn stupid widget 9 levels deep in who-knows-what system, and you think, “Is this why I was put on earth?” This doesn’t have to happen, and indeed people often do amazing things instead—but it’s anything but guaranteed.

I always think of the amazing monologue in Walk The Line (starts around 1:30 in the clip below). If you had one song to sing before you’re dirt, are you telling me this would be it?

Now go find your song & sing the hell out of it.

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4 thoughts on “* One Song

  1. Once again John you have said what needs to be said . I sure hope everyone hears you. People are not entitled to anything

  2. “Velvet Fog” is a great phrase describing the phenomena (sort of the junior version of “golden handcuffs”).

    Now if only the murk out the window today was, in fact, fog.

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