2-minute tour: ProRAW + Lightroom

Over the last 20 years or so, photographers have faced a slightly Faustian bargain: shoot JPEG & get the benefits of a camera manufacturer’s ability to tune output with a camera’s on-board smarts; or shoot raw and get more dynamic range and white balance flexibility—at the cost of losing that tuning and having to do more manual work.

Fortunately Adobe & Apple have been collaborating for many months to get Apple’s ProRAW variant of DNG supported in Camera Raw and Lightroom, and here Russell Brown provides a quick tour of how capture and editing work:

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2 thoughts on “2-minute tour: ProRAW + Lightroom

  1. A big problem with ProRaw is that it still mangles fine detail like JPEGs do and gives that horrible mushy camera phone look. So I gave up on it after testing and use Camera+ instead where I can.

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