Stop motion, painting with light, & more

*Tangentially related: Last week we had a great visit with the Pixar folks, discussing how they use Photoshop today & how they’d like to see it evolve.  In talking about creating the lifelike rat movements in Ratatouille, they said, "Yeah, it was really tough gluing tiny ping pong balls onto those guys for the motion capture!  We tried marshmallows, but they kept eating ’em…"

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  1. I was just on Sprint’s website today and noticed how they implemented that new campaign all over it.
    Kudo’s to Fredo Viola. Sweet work.
    As for that “thermonuclear techno freak-out”, how many nuclear test have we done to get all that footage?!

  2. Once again thank you for the excellent links.
    Fredo Viola’s work is very well done.
    Visualizing flavor – I am always amazed at how creative people resolve issues like this.

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