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  1. Do you know when the prep guides will be ready? Some of them say ” available soon”…
    Also the InDesign CS3 exams links to the prep guides are giving a 404 error right now
    [I don’t know, but I’m in the process of asking for more info. –J.]

  2. The InDesign CS3 Prep Guide now shows up this morning (2/4/08). It wasn’t working this past weekend. Still no Prep Guides for the other CS3 products.

  3. Thanks for looking into it. The prep guides for both the full and recertification exams for Photoshop CS3 are now posted – the only problem is the recertification file still has security on it and is therefore not printable. The guide for the full exam prints fine. Thanks for your help!

  4. The Flash CS3 and Illustrator CS3 guides are still missing. I think it has something to do with the way Adobe servers update. You can see half a page one day, complete next day, or next week, and then links following day, or following week.
    Adobe® InDesign® CS3 Recertification Exam link leads to the Prep Guide for the full certification.
    Adobe® Acrobat® 8 Professional Recertification Exam link leads to the Prep Guide for full certification.
    Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS3 ACE Exam link leads to Prep Guide for Photoshop CS3 recertification.
    And those are just some that I have looked at.
    Exams are some 8 months late this time around and now broken or incorrect links. What’s going on Adobe?

  5. I read the prep guide and noticed that for both the full exam and the recertification exam for Photoshop CS3, the passing percentage required is 60%. The CS2 exam that I took was 74%. Does this change reflect a change in Adobe policy or a change in the nature/scope of the exam itself? I am concerned about devaluing what earning the ACE means, and so are some of my pals on the NAPP forums. Could you comment on what this lowered threshold means? Thanks for your time.

  6. Uh.. I want to copy paste a link from the PsCS3 recertification prep and it won’t let me, because I don’t have a password. Kind of silly, what’s being protected here?

  7. I just checked with Prometric in case the alloted time had been reduced in line with the published 60% pass score requirement. They said the time has NOT been reduced. If the 60% requirement isn’t a mistake, then it is way too low.
    There is no conformity in the number of questions, alloted time and pass rate between the different CS3 exams. Very confusing. Would help if there was conformity.

  8. I read that discussion and especially agree to this one (in general):
    “Do you hear that Adobe? You ignore experts that are on the field and that is a stupid behavior.”
    At least Jack allows critical posts. But that’s all. As soon as they get ANY serious competition, experts will leave, just liked Quark got punished for their ignorance.
    I won’t take the test this time. Even a hardcore programmer (non-user) should know the difference between red and magenta.

  9. I’ve just booked my Adobe CS3 exam for March, looks like I’ve got a bit of revision to do on the flash debugger and audio clips… but I’m looking forward to it. It looks about the right level to differentiate between basic and advanced users. I’m hoping the ACE certification is something I can really stand by on my CV.

  10. Does anyone know what is passing score for Flash cs3 and are those questions and answers like pass4sure good?

  11. I was wondering about the recertification exams vs. the full certification exams. I have taken the CS2 full exams and want to take the recertification exams in CS3. However the only way to take a recertification exam is online (not in a proctored environment.) My question is: does an online recertification exam give you the same level of certification or credential as the proctored full version?

  12. Hi guys,
    anybody knows when the recertifications for video softwares will be released?
    My ACE is stuck in old versions of After Effects and Premiere Pro.
    [Jim Mendes (who coordinates the development of the exams) repiles, “Premiere Pro should be done tomorrow (I’m actually copying it up tonight), After Effects by the end of the week.” –J.]

  13. These exams are a total scam! Full of poorly worded, ambiguous and irrelevant questions. I have passed both Photoshop and Flash.
    I recently wrote a Dreamweaver CS3 exam – it was pathetic! I have subsequently discovered that Adobe has actually admitted that the exam was no good, and allowed all the Dreamwever 8 certificate holders to maintain their ACE status.(usually one must continually maintain their status by writing re-certifications).
    Check out the bad response to the InDesign exam to see what I am talking about:
    … oh and by the way! You can BUY the exact exam questions on various websites(http://www.pass-guaranteed.com/). I guarantee 70% of your exam questions are in there!

  14. Hi guys,
    if I’m not wrong, so far After Effects is not out yet.
    Any news?
    [Jim Mendes says, ” Both Premiere Pro and After Effects were recently completed; they should be live at Prometric by the end of this week, and at VUE by the end of next week.” –J.]

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