New $20,000 Adobe design challenge

Adobe has teamed up with Cut&Paste for the "See What’s Possible" challenge:

Compose an engaging 15-second or less animation or motion graphic video of the Photoshop brand logo that illustrates the theme of “See What’s Possible.” The winning work must incorporate and close with the Adobe Photoshop logo and will be used by Adobe as part of an upcoming Photoshop marketing campaigns.

The grand prize is $20,000 (USD) and Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection (BYO forklift & Brinks truck).  "But this challenge isn’t just about winning," says John Fiorelli, executive director of Cut&Paste.  "All submissions will be publicly showcased on where contestants can share their skills with not only fellow designers, but fans, recruiters, and potential clients."

You’ve got until the Ides of March (specifically, 11:59 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on March 15, 2008) to submit your work, and it needs to be created predominantly with Photoshop, Flash, and/or After Effects.  Full details are on the site.  Rock out!  [Via]

0 thoughts on “New $20,000 Adobe design challenge

  1. I think @bri is referring to the fact that this is the very definition of Spec Work. Have you read the AIGA’s stance on spec work? After the recent flap about Pixish, I’m utterly taken aback by this.
    You better prepare for an onslaught…
    [I haven’t followed the Pixish thing, but haven’t design contests been around forever? This isn’t a case of “Send us your work on spec, and maybe we’ll hire someone.” Rather, it’s a challenge with a very specific, real, and non-trivial reward attached (a couple of rewards, actually). –J.]

  2. $20,000 to help spread that thing around? Give the money to the junior-high kids who designed the thing; they could use it to go to design school.
    (that was an easy one, John — is this just to get nutty responses?)
    [I am, as usual, just the messenger. Hopefully someone clever and motivated will be rewarded and can use the contest to get exposure for his or her work. –J.]

  3. Can the animation morph the logo into something else? 😉
    Just kidding – I won’t open that can of worms again!
    [Nor will I!! 😉 –J.]

  4. I’m sure there are lots of creatively peeved professional people who can think of something ‘creative’ to do with their new favorite logo. 🙂

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