Video: New from Adobe Labs, Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop

You like? 🙂 (Here’s some more background on the technology.) To see higher-res detail, I recommend hitting the full-screen icon or visiting the Facebook page that hosts the video.
As with all such sneak peeks, I have to be really clear in saying that this is just a demo, and as such it’s not a promise that a technology will ship inside a particular version of Photoshop. (As the late Mac columnist Don Crabb told me years ago, “There’s many a slip ‘twixt cup & lip.”) Still, it’s fun to show some of the stuff with which we’re experimenting.

33 thoughts on “Video: New from Adobe Labs, Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop

  1. …want. That is seriously awesome. The healing brush and patch tools are so useful already, but this takes it so such a higher level. I was sold at the wire removal, and it just gets better from there.

  2. Yes! I’ve been waiting for a simple way to remove wires from my outdoor shots. I live in Bucharest and it’s filled with wires hanging all over the place.

  3. The technology is awesome, and posting it on your blog is most daring and courageous, namely because, if not included in Photoshop 12, I’m definitely skipping that upgrade and will wait for this in Ps 13, or 14 or… 😉

  4. Oh my my, but this is like cheating on your school test! There is no more painstakingly retouching with Clone or other tools, this just magically happens.
    Soon, graphic designers will not earn their pay! Click, click, click, I am done, where is my paycheck?

  5. That’s great ! But… Will we become useless ? After all, it becomes too easy to make a professional job now !
    It still a great, great work, very convincing results.

  6. This advancement is a remarkable improvement, but the demo shows that additional cleanup will often be required. The power plant removal ended up with what looked like a bad clone job; the replacement patch of trees were identical to those on the left. I don’t blame the algorithm at all, but the user will need to address issues of this type in order to get a quality result. Think of it as continuing job security.

  7. It will never fully replace a professional retoucher. But for people wanting some quick fixes to things it will be just what they need. What you need to worry about then is those clients who go oh I can do that myself with this handy new tool.. But then again do we really want those clients?

  8. It’ll make a professional retoucher more productive. It won’t make anybody into an artist. The powerplant fill didn’t work well, but fixing it would take less time than manually retouching the image before the fill.

  9. Not sure if it’s contemplated, but adding the option for having a separate picture as the source for the fill would make this even more useful

  10. I don’t think so Eduardo 🙂 I can’t wait till this is added. Any idea which version John ?
    [Yes. 😉 –J.]

  11. Wow, worth an upgrade price alone in time saving. Already thinking about how much i’ll miss removing stray hairs through eyes while i’m playing golf at 2 in the afternoon..

  12. Amazingly useful. But what a shame you did not use it to delete litter in a park or somewhere, instead of wiping out buffalo.
    This little movie will be seen by thousands of people and could give people good vibes, instead of removing rare animals that enhanced the image.
    Come on Adobe, get with the program.

  13. [Yes. 😉 –J.]
    Are you going to tell us then ? LOL Don’t say no … please tell us, please 🙂
    [Sorry, but I’ve said all I can say for the moment. –J.]

  14. Wao…. cool. I hope Bridge CS 5 has face recognation engine so that the professional can tag many of their model / family fast and easy like in the Picasa 3.5.

  15. that is very nice but i have quistion how can we ues this tool with photoshop8?
    [I’m never quite sure whether questions like this are serious. It’s like saying, “Oh, the new 2010 Accord is more powerful and fuel efficient? Great, but how do I get that in my ’93 Accord?” –J.]

  16. So I haven’t seen the question answered on whether Adobe is going to gouge their faithful customer who just bought CS4 packages this year. Is it going to be a very affordable upgrade or should be free upgrade in some cases especially if you are a college student. Or is Adobe going to gouge every penny they can because that is the American way (wonder why this country is in a recession).

  17. Not only have Adobe managed to kill off their main *paying* customers of photoshop (photographers & retouchers) by decreasing the value of what they do.. they have basically made all watermarks completely irrelevant.. stock photography sites have no protection now along with anyone else relying on watermarks to protect their images.

  18. I love adobe. Thank you for the wondrful products. As photographers we couldnt do what we need to do without you.

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