Monthly Archives: November 2012

Premiere Pro & co. clean up on Readers' Choice awards

I try to keep self-congratulatory posts to a minimum, but it’s nice to see the momentum around Adobe Premiere Pro & other Adobe video tools. Streaming Magazine just announced a number of Readers’ Choice Awards:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro — Best Product of the Year Award for Desktop Video Editing Software
  • Adobe Auditude – Best Product of the Year Award for Video Advertising Management Platform
  • Adobe Media Server – Best Product of the Year Award for Server Hardware/Software
  • Adobe SiteCatalyst – Best Product of the Year Award for Reporting and Analytics Platform

New Adobe tech to help video editors

It’s far from the flashiest task, but placing cuts & transitions in interview footage can be crucial to telling a story. Adobe’s Wil Li plus UC Berkeley-based collaborators Maneesh Agrawala and Floraine Berthouzoz have unveiled “a one-click method for seamlessly removing ’ums’ and repeated words, as well as inserting natural-looking pauses to emphasize semantic content.”:

To help place cuts in interview video, our interface links a text transcript of the video to the corresponding locations in the raw footage. It also visualizes the suitability of cut locations… Editors can directly highlight segments of text, check if the endpoints are suitable cut locations and if so, simply delete the text to make the edit. For each cut our system generates visible (e.g. jump-cut, fade, etc.) and seamless, hidden transitions. 


Here’s more info about the project.