"The Touch": Gestural control for Lightroom

Timothy Armes has created an interesting looking new LR add-on:

The Touch is a new way for Mac users to work with Lightroom using either a trackpad or an iPad. At the heart of The Touch is its ability to allow you to develop your images without having look away from your work. A set of simple and intuitive gestures allow you to instantly grab the correct slider or puck and move it with precision without having to spend you time finding these elements on the user interface. Even if the slider in question isn’t visible on the interface The Touch will scroll straight to it.

It’s available to download/try, and it costs $20 to own.


One thought on “"The Touch": Gestural control for Lightroom

  1. Looks awesome, thanks for the heads up. I can’t believe I am still having arguments with friends about whether tablets are just for content consumption, when there are so many cool tools like this (and some from Adobe) that allow the tablet to be used as an organic part of the interface and creative process!

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