Clutter Reel

I had to smile at this paragraph in a Slate article on Charles Schwab’s new Waking Life-style ads:

These spots aim to stand apart from the muddled crowd. “We actually made a ‘clutter reel,’ ” says Ben Stuart, VP of Brand Strategy and Advertising for Schwab, “to show how the category was filled with all these stock clichés of wealth. Adirondack chairs. Sailing. Burled walnut paneling. Not only are these images tired, they also lack both credibility and relevance with most consumers.”

Is it just me, or could one create just such a reel with all the clichés being used for digital photography tools? Yes, the underlying concepts are enormously important, but if I hear or (wince) have to say workflow one more time–much less non-destructive, seamless, integrated, efficient, broad, archival, etc.–I may burst into flames. 😉
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