Potential Bacon-Savers

In response to yesterday’s post about losing images in the cold, a number of folks have suggested possible remedies for future data loss:

  • Nick Wilcox-Brown recommends PhotoRescue, saying “It has saved my skin on more occasions than I care to remember.”
  • My fellow Photoshop PM Tom Hogarty mentioned Camera Salvage.
  • Peter Krogh suspects that the problem was due to file system corruption, not cold weather–particularly as I’d been sloppy in handling the memory card (removing it from the Mac while it was sleeping, then inserting it with the new shots before waking the machine up). That seems possible, though having lost images in similar weather with a different camera, card, and computer, I remain a bit suspicious.

Whatever the case, you may want to bookmark these sites for a rainy (or snowy) day in the future, and do read up a bit before going shooting in the cold.

0 thoughts on “Potential Bacon-Savers

  1. There has been a lot of discussion on several photo lists that I’m on about flash card corruption. Every case has happened to people using Macs. So something seems to be going on with Macs and the cards. Not just CF cards either but some of the other type cards too.

  2. Had this a couple of times on the PC platform as well.
    Still; I have a feeling that formatting the card *in the camera* before each shooting can help. Since I started this, no corrupt images regardless of the weather.
    Thanx for great blogs, all Adobe-people 🙂

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