Honda goes Tron + more good motion graphics

Some nice motion graphics work to share:

  • The ad campaign for the new Honda Civic features a rad homage to the movie Tron; check it out in high or low res. [Via]
  • Meanwhile the campaign for Honda’s new CR-V features some beautiful, understated 3D work from design shop Superfad. I really like Coffee and Popcorn spots. More here.
  • Director Michel Gondry does amazing work*, and now his video for the White Stripes’ The Hardest Button to Button has been honored with a terrific Simpsons spoof. [Via Russell Williams]
  • And speaking of bands, album covers come alive (and are quickly killed off) in this ultra-(cartoonishly)violent battle of the bands. [Via]

* [Seriously, if you like this stuff at all, treat yourself to this little collection of his work. It’ll be the best $15 you’ve spent all week.]

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