Splice Music: Flash-based networking for DJs

Splice Music is an interesting example of using Flash-based tools to build a social network.  Aimed at aspiring DJs, the site echoes the spirit of JumpCut, the video mash-up service that Yahoo! recently acquired, and the Flash-based sequencer offers some fairly sophisticated audio tools.  It’s cool to see a site embracing rich internet app technology to bring creative folks together.

an example
song sequencer interface (press play button to hear and drag clips around).  The site enables users to:

    • Remix existing songs by other DJs
    • Drag and drop sound clips
    • Embed remixes in a blog or web page with an HTML snippet they provide (similar to YouTube)  
    • Rate songs as well as sounds that compose a song, and search a database of community-rated sounds
    • Record new sounds directly within the UI
    • Browse existing sounds via tags
    • Click on a sound in the sequence to see metadata about that song (BPM, community rating, length, tags, etc)
    • Create detailed artist profiles
    • Add friends

[Via Rob Christensen]

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