American Tough Guys

  • Held aboard NYC’s USS Intrepid, pro arm wrestling contest The Big Apple Grapple is captured by photographer Clayton James Cubitt. Sadly, no one makes the insane Stallone-face from Over the Top.
  • Scott Pommier features bikers, skaters, and the occasional man-rodent showdown in his portfolio.
  • Backyard wrestling?  Yeah, that’s probably gonna end in tears. [Via]
  • Okay, he’s not American, but this iguana isn’t kidding around.
  • Neither American nor particularly tough, Walking the Cabbage (which is not a euphemism, apparently) challenges ideas of acceptable behavior by, well, walking a cabbage around China.  More info here. [Via]

0 thoughts on “American Tough Guys

  1. Backyard wrestling – capturing ignorance. Boys trying to be “men”.
    The beauty pageant shots on the same site – truly disturbing. Trying to make little girls into “women”.
    Moving photography, in that I got a glimpse into places I never want to go…
    Thanks for the links.

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