I want your skulls…

…and no, I’m not just quoting the pitchfork-wielding villagers now surrounding my office*. 😉

In honor of Halloween, I thought I’d pass along a couple of snaps from Photoshop engineer Joe Ault, who captured a ghoulish hot rod mod during a recent car show: see the pistoncarb heads and whole car.  Note to self: must get more flavaful ride.

Elsewhere, on Sunday night my wife Margot & I carved pumpkins with our newest Photoshop PM, Bryan O’Neil Hughes & his freshly minted fianceé Alex (double congrats, guys!).  I opted to go with my favorite luchador, while Margot went more Día de los Muertos & Bryan did "Pumpkin Pi."  Here’s the gallery.

In a related vein:

  • Mao Ze Tongue: The SF Chronicle has hired 12 artists to make downloadable last-minute masks.
  • Here’s a great little skull I found on Logopond.
  • If you like the history of the graphic arts, or if you just enjoy slightly weird old imagery, check out Gene Gable’s collection Of Evil Witches and Dancing Pickles.
  • Along those lines , the Today’s Inspiration blog features a whole mess of vintage Halloween-related art.

Happy Halloween,

[ * Speaking of that chaos, thanks for all the feedback. I greatly appreciate the level-headed comments, and I’ve gained some good perspective from them. –J.]

0 thoughts on “I want your skulls…

  1. Still waiting to see the “whole car” (you’ve got two links to the piston head photo, skulls1.jpg)
    [D’oh! I blame Contribute. 😉 No, thanks for the catch; now fixed. –J.]

  2. Heh. At first glance I thought you were carving Strongbad. I confused my Flash-based cartoons. 🙂
    [Oh yeah–I was actually referencing the Misfits’ “I Want Your Skulls,” which is much more entertaining when sung as a sensitive acoustic guitar ballad. I found a few crappy versions on YouTube, but nothing quite good enough to warrant a link. –J.]

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