A little Labor Day reading

//NA*// On the off chance that, like me, you’re getting a little much-needed downtime, I thought I’d share some interesting but hard-to-categorize links I’ve encountered recently:

  • Here’s a novel approach to selling Photoshop plug-ins: a developer is auctioning the source code for Cinematte, a plug-in for removing green screens & similar backgrounds. [Via Tom Hogarty]
  • On a more precompiled note, how about a "Brutality Filter"?  New Mr. Retro filters are available (press release).  See ’em in action here.
  • Photo blogger Jason David Moore recently profiled me. (I didn’t even know I had a favorite curse word.)
  • The World’s Best Logos & Brands blog has a (very) short history of the Adobe logo. [Via]
  • If you’re stumped, give the Idea Generator a spin.  Seriously, wouldn’t you like to see a Transparent Morphing Saxophone? (Goes well with the Brutality Filter, I’m told.) [Via]
  • I’m keeping it Victorian these days, but I can dig this MIT-designed water-walled house.  On a slightly related note, researchers are also exploring how to use water as insulation within windows.
  • Of Audis & iMacs: The ConceptCar blog notes similarities between the new iMac design & the latest crop of Audis.
  • Box.net has created a plug-in that facilitates sharing large images right from Photoshop.  Their slogan?  "Put your junk in the box." (I kid you not.)
  • Ars Technica features info on battery life preservation–relevant to everyone who schleps around one or more rechargable devices (which, I’m guessing, is everyone who stops by here).  I’m paranoid about being without power, but I’ll be damned if I run my batteries down & store them in a freezer.  ("Nothing more useless than an unloaded gun.") [Via]
  • News.com reports on companies that put image sequences on subway walls. (I wonder if this is what Interpol had in mind.)  In a lower-tech vein, peep subway gum art. [Via]

* As in "(Largely) Non-Adobe" — a note to those who’d rather skip anything not 100% tied to Photoshop

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