Fighter jets, galaxies, & infrared squirrels

From the world of scientific & technical imaging:

  • "You come across the body of a tramp, which in itself is not so disturbing. Until it is turned over to reveal…. ANTS! ANTS! ANTS!"  Er, sorry, I digress.  Joe Lencioni has captured some great macro shots of yellow ants (acanthomyops to their friends).
  • Seed Magazine features a fascinating video tour of scientific visualizations–from Benoît Mandelbrot’s early fractals to an atomic simulation that required six months of supercomputer rendering to depict 20 nanoseconds’ worth of motion.  (Oh, and the closing soundtrack is from Dub Side of the Moon.) [Via]
  • reports on a cool technique for astrophotography–taking up to 20 images per second, then using computer image processing to sift & combine the sharpest results, compensating for degradation caused by Earth’s atmosphere.  Details & before/after images are on the Lucky Imaging site.
  • NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) telescope has captures pix of a star with a comet’s tail. [Via]
  • Who knew that squirrels have infrared-emitting tails, useful for confusing rattlesnakes?  This is kind of thing you learn when grad students get to wander around with expensive camera gear. [Via]
  • A Russian air show produced a terrific image of an Su-27 dropping flares.  (Who needs safety regulations?)
  • Inspire Underground hosts a photo essay on prepping the Space Shuttle for launch. [Via]  Post lift-off, the Shuttle crew captured some lovely shots. [Via]

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