Fun & clever recent infographics

I’m endlessly fascinated with how people display information visually.  Here are some cool recent examples:

  • JamPhat features a hilarious (and huge!) collection of hip hop-inspired infographics.  Images are helpfully linked to YouTube vids of the related songs. It was a good day…
  • Fun with Venn diagrams: I love the simplicity of this clever music elitism t-shirt. (Compare to Wu-Tang Clan.) [Via]
  • What if we regarded flags as info visualizations?  That’s what Brazilian designer Icaro Doria did for the magazine Grande Reportagem.  [Via]
  • Call it "Most Inscrutable. Karaoke Interface. Ever."  Or just call it pretty.  Robert from Flight404 (see previous) has used Processing to create the lovely video Solar, incorporating lyrics from Goldfrapp. [Via]
  • HistoryShots sells prints of really cool infographics
  • ArmsFlow presents global arms transactions, visualized in an interactive map.  Clicking individual countries shows their import/export flow for a given year.  Interesting concept, but the lines overlap so densely that it’s hard to see what’s happening.  I’d love to see the whole thing taken further.  [Via]
  • Knowing things Biblically:
  • Virtual China features a Chinese diagram on how to cook chicken with beer.  [Via]

0 thoughts on “Fun & clever recent infographics

  1. I’ve purchased the Pop & Rock HistoryShots print, and it is well made. I’m in a school, and it grabs the attention of both the kids and adults.
    It’s also sold some other their prints, after people see how nice it is.
    Great recommendation, John.

  2. Thanks for the props on the music elitism shirt. I spend more face time with Photoshop than my girlfriend.
    [Heh–man, you don’t want to go out like the You Suck at Photoshop guy… –J.]

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