Air cannons & soda fountains

Okay, so their connection to this blog is tenuous at best, but these semi-science-y vids are too fun not to share:

  • A while back I mentioned the 150-T-shirt Human Flipbook that Colle+McVoy created for sandwich chain Erbert & Gerbert.  Now they’ve returned with  Gotta love the insane whooping of geeks celebrating. [Via Dustin Black]
  • Some 1,500 Belgian kids did their best Blue Man impression, launching sticky geysers of foam as they attempted to create the world’s largest Diet Coke/Mentos explosion.  I can’t find a video of this stunt, but these guys were apparently trying to outdo these folks in Cincinnati.

0 thoughts on “Air cannons & soda fountains

  1. John, if you type “Leuven Mentos” in a famous search engine, you will find many links to the world record.
    Leuven, where the record occured is the hometown of the Belgian beer Stella Artois… not surprising to see them waste soda!

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