Photos: Smoke, fire, floods, & weirdoes

  • People as smoke: the simple tricks of long exposure produce a ghostly presence.  [Via Marc Pawliger]
  • The Big Picture showcases the wrath of nature:
  • Vintage photo manipulation:
  • Doing their own thing:
    • Phillip Toledano has created a photo essay of phone sex operators–a surprisingly articulate, diverse, and self-aware crew.  (Fair warning: The photos are tame, but some of the blurbs beneath them are fairly frank.) [Via]
    • Return of the ’70s Weirdos features 1978 & 2008 photos of a group of early Microsoft employees.  [Via]  Referring to aging dudes working for MSFT these days, a friend of mine calls the shuttle bus from Seattle to Redmond "The Ponytail Express."
    • You never know what you’ll find via the American Gothic tag on Flickr. [Via]

One thought on “Photos: Smoke, fire, floods, & weirdoes

  1. I bought two old books on airbrush retouching. My plan was to scan them and put them online, but I soon realized the copyright nightmare that would cause (they weren’t quite as old as I hoped). A fascinating read, but perversely disappointing. In a world where “10 easy tips for Photoshop retouching” is daily blog fare (and a basis for at least one exceptional website), reading about genuine painting artistry is simultaneously thrilling and anticlimactic.

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