Weekend Photography: HDR to RFK

  • Is Full-Frame the Coming Thing, or is it just a way for uninformed gearheads to show off?  Longtime photography observer Mike Johnston posts some interesting thoughts on the subject.
  • High dynamic range:
    • Our friend Ben Willmore has been traveling the country in his bus, and he’s collected the best of his work at The Best of Ben.
    • Reaktor 1 is a cool, interactive, HDR panorama from Jann Lipka.
    • Norwegian photog Klaus Nordby captured a beautiful fjord sunrise, then posted the high-res image via Photoshop CS3’s Zoomify export feature.
  • History:
    • On June 8, 1968, Look photographer Paul Fusco rode inside the funeral train that carried Robert Kennedy’s body from New York to Washington to be buried beside his brother at Arlington.  On the NY Times site he narrates a slideshow of the work, capturing the Americans who lined the route.  The NYT carries remembrances from that time, and more shots (albeit smaller) are here.  [Via]
    • The Commons, Flickr’s project to host public-domain images, is getting beefed up with the help of The Smithsonian.  The institution added 800 photographs from its collection of 13 million images, and 1,200 more will be added in coming months, according to CNET.  Images shared on the Commons can be tagged by anyone.
    • The Smithsonian posts a small set of turn-of-the-20th-century color autochromes.  Kottke has more info & links to more early color photography.
  • Moving in Stereo:
  • DIY:

0 thoughts on “Weekend Photography: HDR to RFK

  1. Jack,
    Thanks for the post. A new kind of HDR (high drama rhetoric) is awaiting you as your new child grows up.
    Our grandchildren were here to visit, so I did this in Premiere Pro and made into a flash file via viddler.
    You will see the “goodness” that awaits you.

  2. It amazes me how many miscreants don’t seem to realize your posts aren’t required reading. Rather than just ignoring those that don’t mean anything to them they pout and pitch a fit just like the brat they are. Perhaps they could get a job as a censor somewhere – China maybe…

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