0 thoughts on “You *Still* Suck At Photoshop

  1. Well, CNN, CBS, and the rest of the world’s media (with Reuters being a famous repeat offender,) constantly alter the images they present to fit their editorial line, and I don’t recall your jumping all over them or comparing their actions to Iran’s dictatorship’s.
    To my knowledge, this is one of the first times Fox News is reported to have done something similar (and I’m awaiting confirmation from independent sources, as so far the outlet that “broke” the story is Media Matters, a well-known radical left organization).
    That this obviously fits into your preconceived notion of Fox News as the Left’s preferred bogeyman I can understand, but it would nonetheless be nice to see you exercise some restraint in your hyperbolic comments.

  2. The solution is simple- don’t watch Fox News. They are trash, and lie, your mind will be better off for their deletion.

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