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  1. Hi john …
    May When your team will respond on Photoshop gripes?
    [Well, I do my best to address questions/comments that come up here. If you’ve got specifics in mind, please let me know. –J.]

  2. After Effects totally has the best team, that application is STREETS ahead of the other adobe apps and oceans ahead of the adopted macromedia apps.

  3. Hi John,
    Some time ago you wrote that GPU support in Photoshop CS4 will work on any graphics card with OpenGL 2.0 and Shader Model 3.0 but there is a lot of fuzz about nVidia and CUDA on the internet which confuses me a bit.
    I’m going to get a new card in near future and I’m wondering if it’s reasonable to choose nVidia because of CUDA. Kevin Goldsmith wrote on his blog that Photoshop CS4 is not using it, but is it going to change ? e.g. Are there plug-ins coming out that will support only nVidia GPU’s ? Or maybe CS5 will favor them ?
    Best regards

  4. I think it’s great to see how Adobe is reacting, they really see the benefit in this new way of communication between the customer and the developer. I also think that conctact through blogs helps to give customers the feeling that they’re not being ignored or left alone (as the phone support does). It reduces the mistrust against such a big company that has just sucked up its biggest rival, even if it’s just an illusion.
    This also includes videos like Adobe TV that show that a certain feature is actually useful and how it can be used, contrary to the somewhat contrived live presentations, that seem to be mainly targeting inverstors and shareholders.
    It’s a good marketing strategy that helps both sides.

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