Saturday Photography: Bumblebees to balsa wood

I can’t just talk CS4, now can I? Taking a little break from current software events, here’s a collection of cool recent photographic finds:


0 thoughts on “Saturday Photography: Bumblebees to balsa wood

  1. You know, these photo posts are kinda useless without pics/thumbs…
    [Understood, but there’s only so much I can do for free in my spare time. –J.]

  2. I agree with PB, blog on JN. Geesh, what do they want for free.
    I don’t have any balsa wood but looks like it’s a good time to upgrade to a Canon digital if you do.

  3. It is also not very useful if you don’t come and do the work I am not doing while I am on your great blog. So get right on that will you. Wow- the things people complain about! Thanks for this blog. This and the keyframes one are a great resource and really makes me as a user feel I have a way to understand what Adobe is doing and to provide feedback that I know is being heard. Apple – are you listening?

  4. Hello John,
    Have you seen Nanda Lee’s storytelling self-portraits ?
    [No, I’m afraid not. Do you have a link to share? –J.]

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