5 thoughts on “PDF containing all Lightroom 2 shortcuts

  1. Would it be possible to share the raw source (spreadsheet, csv) of this PDF so someone can make a one or two page version?

  2. Thanks for that. I looked at a similar thing by Lynda.com a while back (which I can’t find now) and I swear she listed a shortcut, in Develop mode, of up/down arrow key changing exposure (up/down) on selected image.
    I was overjoyed as this is exactly what I had wanted forever. But when I downloaded and tried LR2 that shortcut didn’t exist, nor is it in the doc. listed above.
    So anyhoo… how about the most simple of shortcuts, up/down arrow changes exposure up and down in dev. mode. That’s all I want in life 😉
    BTW: I’ve done up a site to sell large panoramic prints to support the Australian Bushfire Appeal, any exposure you can provide would be much appreciated:)

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