7 thoughts on “Simple, useful extension panels for PSCS4

  1. That Lorem panel is a great idea — did you say that someday any “panel” would be available to all suite apps (maybe cs5 or something)? Lorem could be used everywhere.

  2. Thanks for the Blending Mode link John, that fixed a CS4 annoyance I had!
    Also, belated Happy Birthday and congratulations on your new little one…

  3. John,
    I would guess that the Blending Mode panel does not work with multiple selected layers is because there is no way to determine which layers are selected directly. One must use either layer linking, layer groups, or layer visibility which is slow and error prone with complex documents.
    Hopefully one day selectedLayers will be added to the Document property list in a similar to the way linkedLayers is one of the ArtLayer property.

  4. Seems I was partly wrong.
    A key has been added to the document descriptor that has a list of selected layer indexes in CS4.
    I have created a script that sets the blendmode of all selected layers.
    Do you have an email address for the author of Blending Mode Panel so I can forward the information and sample script?

  5. I’m afraid I’ve misplaced the source from which I got the link to the blending modes panel, so I don’t have contact info to share.
    It would, however, be very easy to create an equivalent panel using “run script” buttons placed in Configurator. I’ll drop you a line so we can chat further. –J.

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