More new PS panels: Sharpening, blending

Photographer/coder Glenn Mitchell has posted a new set of sharpening actions panels for use with Photoshop CS4. (He’s excited about scripting & panel development for PS: “From a programmer’s point-of-view, Photoshop CS4 offers extraordinary opportunities to modify and extend the user’s experience with Photoshop… Well done!”)

Elsewhere, Mike Hale took the blending modes panel I mentioned yesterday and upgraded it* to handle multiple selected layers at once. You can download it here (see also Mike’s release notes).

On a related note, in case it’s useful, here’s a list of blending mode keyboard shortcuts.

* Potentially interesting explanation: You can use Configurator to open up & remix any Configurator-made panel: just double-click the .GPC file in the exported panel’s folder (Photoshop CS4/Plug-Ins/Panels/{your panel’s name}/). That is, the XML file used by a panel at runtime equals the source code for that panel. Anyway, I suggested that Mike remix the panel by applying his code to the buttons.

2 thoughts on “More new PS panels: Sharpening, blending

  1. I was very excited when Photoshop first introduced custom keyboard shortcuts. I truly need(ed) to change the mode shortcuts so that I can execute them with one hand and hold a mouse with the other. Unfortunately, mode shortcuts have never been in the mix.
    Alas, my many requests for this feature have fallen on deaf ears.

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