Camera Raw updates to continue for CS4 PPC

Evidently the Creative Suite FAQ addressing Adobe’s plans to discontinue PowerPC support in future versions of the Suite isn’t quite clear enough regarding Camera Raw updates.
This article states that Adobe will no longer be issuing Camera Raw updates for PowerPC customers, but that’s not the case: updates will continue for all Photoshop CS4 customers during the CS4 life cycle, just as in previous releases.
Tom Hogarty from the Camera Raw/Lightroom team is touching base with Tom Nelson, the author of the article, to provide clarification. In the meantime, I thought you’d like to know the scoop.

3 thoughts on “Camera Raw updates to continue for CS4 PPC

  1. Good to know. With the economy, our college photo/graphics departments won’t see a complete cycle refresh for a while. Still have PPC G5’s from 2004 in the classrooms/labs.

  2. Good to hear. My PPC-based G5 Quad with 12GB of RAM and striped SATA drives is one very fast computer. With sales being so dismal during this economy, I am not in the market for a new Mac Pro or any computer that will be only marginally faster.

  3. related to PPC support, I have CS2 working fine (for my needs !!!) on my intel macbook pro. CS2 was migrated over from my old G4 PPC. Will this continue to work if i upgrade mac osx to Snow Leopard ? I plan to upgrade to the next version of CS (v5 ?) whenever that arrives, and want to stick to CS2 till then.

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