MythBusters on Adobe Bridge

Adam Savage digs Bridge CS4:

Bridge, which Savage calls “crazy useful,” helps him manage the tens of thousands of images on his Mac, both those he’s acquired from other sources to squirrel away for later reference and those he’s shot with his Canon 5D Mark II. He’s up to Adobe CS4 and wouldn’t give up Bridge without a serious fight. “I hated the first version of it, because it was choking up blood on my computer. With 40,000 photos, start asking something to look at them all, it starts dying. The functionality has improved so much since then.”

Cool! [Via Tom McRae]

14 thoughts on “MythBusters on Adobe Bridge

  1. Why does Bridge continue to have an install of Opera in the package contents? Don’t want it, don’t need it, can’t play with it!
    [It’s there to display HTML pages. In the future it’ll be replaced with WebKit. –J.]

  2. Y’know, I never really said anything about CS4 after complaining about some problems with CS3, but that’s a really good point there. The performance in CS4 *has* improved, and pretty dramatically–to the point, in fact, that it hasn’t occurred to me to comment on it because I haven’t noticed.
    CS3 used to die on me when I “Flat-viewed” 10k images. Admittedly, I’ve upgraded my machine, but now, I can pull it out for most circumstances without a problem, and some of that has to be the new version. And the auto-start component (which I wish you would attach the updater to) is absolutely exactly what I had hoped for with this release. I hope the Bridge team got major praise for that one.
    I’d still love to see integration with system dialogue boxes, and some way to filter flat view (show only certain levels deep and an option to flat view only selected folders), but really, the CS4 flavour of Bridge has taken it from “I suppose I’ll have to get that thing out again” to “I’m glad I have this to go to”.
    By the way, there’s a neat registry trick out there under the title of “Adobe Bridge Here”–launches Bridge from the menu of regular OS folder view…that would be nice to see integrated.

  3. In a prior life I was in software. It was a given that the best grade you could get was a “C”. Deliver the product on time, under budget, and without a single bug — and you’ve just about lived up to everyones’ expectations.
    With my experience in mind, I’ve always kept my comments here limited to the affirmative and the positive.
    But if we’re going to talk about CS3 Bridge, then I have to note that it is the only software that has ever caused me to have to explain to my wife the relationship between a hole in the sheet rock and a broken $100 cordless mouse.
    [Oh man! But it’s a funny image, at least. –J.]
    I love CS4 but I did not install it until I migrated my work from my gerbil powered Dell to a fire breathing homebuilt.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. There’s no agreement with Adam Sandler, ehm, Savage.
    First verison of Bridge was sold as a part of a Major Version of CS an it did not worked – yeah, it simply did not worked, aslike it was lower than Beta or something …
    Guys, i’me reading your Blogs entirely and mostly of the comments and reply’s that are been made in the blogs, in the Forums and in the replies (if any) from feature request replies, and the main words i’m reading are:
    uhm, “difficult”, “challenging”, “not that easy”, “we`re working on it”, “try this workaround”, “oh, we have a new panel for this and that in photoshop”, “hey, look at that new feature that no one would ever have seen until mister XY found out in his tutorial at xyz.whatever”
    If you meet Michael Coleman, please tell him that he would do us (After Effects users) a great pleasure if he would passtrough our comments and reply to it as anyone would do who cares.
    In the last few months not a single comment has been wether published nor commented by Mister M. Coleman.
    I think we – the loyal Adobe customers and After Effects users need some conversation on the future of After Effects.
    Is this so much difficult to understand?
    We want to know which direction development is taking it’s roads and we want to be active part of development – regardless if it’s just secondary just trought input we give to YOU.
    TALK TO US!!!

  5. @Thomas: Comments to my blog were mysteriously heading into the spam vortex. Should be better now. Working on a permanent fix, but unclogged a bunch today and replied to a few more. — Michael Coleman

  6. Thanks Michael for your reply.
    Just a note: maybe i’m talking hot air from your point of view, but i’m taking my comments serious plus i’m vegeterian (no, not one of those you might be thinking about) but, i seriously won’t end up as spam.

  7. I need some help w/Bridge CS4. I need to change the Creation Date for a few hundred images.
    However, when I double-click on any of the “File Properties” that show up in the MetaData Panel, including “Creation Date”, I get the error message: “This property cannot be modified.” According to Adobe’s online help, this should not be the case. Is there an upgrade/bug fix to this? Thank you very much ahead of time.

  8. I share the same problem. I can’t modify the creation date for images in Bridge such that they appear when I view their thumbnails. Did you get a resolution to this problem?

  9. Solution to the “This property cannot be modified.” problem in Adobe Bridge. Make sure your folder is selected and from the menu select Tools > Cache > “Purge Cache for This Folder”. I’m running CS5.

  10. Thank you, Jake for your solution to “This property cannot be modified.” I was scratching my head for a while, now.

  11. QUESTION: how do I change individual filenames in the Bridge metadata panel?
    DETAILS: I can’t seem to modify file properties metadata in Bridge CS5. In particular, I want to rename individual. I’ve restored preferences and cleared the cache. The images are NOT read-only. When I click on “filename,” I get this prompt: “This property cannot be modified.”
    Is this a function that needs to be set on the camera prefernces? It doesn’t seem to matter if I’ve been shooting with a Nikon DSLR, a Canon PowerShot, or a Blackberry camera. NOTE: I am able to edit fields like “author.” Thanks for any assistance…I’ve searched extensively for an answer to this problem but not success.

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