Notes on CS/Snow Leopard compatibility

Some additional info is available regarding Adobe applications & Snow Leopard:

  • The FAQ I posted earlier in the week has been updated to mention that Acrobat users should apply the Acrobat 9.1 update, and that a couple of third-party After Effects plug-ins don’t work correctly on Snow Leopard.
  • The product managers of After Effects, Flash Professional, Illustrator, Fireworks, and AIR have posted more info about each app on their respective blogs.
  • The tech support team has posted a couple of technotes:
    • 50654: Applications crash when saving to file servers through SMB protocol (Mac OS X 10.6)
    • 51110: Files may not open in original authoring application (Mac OS X 10.6)

For the sake of tracking related info, I’ve created a Snow Leopard category on the blog.

That’s all I have at the moment.

10 thoughts on “Notes on CS/Snow Leopard compatibility

  1. I have CS4 (via work) and when I upgraded to snow leopard the plug-in in safari stopped working and defaults to preview. I tried to contact adobe directly but it seems your more interested in charging for support than finding out when you have a serious problem. Regardless are you aware of this issue, if so when will it be fixed. I read 20-30 publications a day so the plug-in not working is a real pain. I also believe you should have a avenue on the main site to ask questions of this nature.

  2. Blogging casually (my opinions), I’d say that the point of confusion is what is “official” or up to Adobe’s standards.
    QE teams are focused on testing current and future shipping products (and quite busy at that). But a lot of testers take incredible pride in their products and do look at prior versions, and do run many tests. But spot testing or spare time coverage, or even running large parts of automated tests in your “spare” time is not nearly as comprehensive as a full coverage pass with the whole QE team focused on manual testing as well (and doing that on many seeds during an OS process, for every team and every product in the suite).
    So if you ask a legal, a QE Manager or the Suite’s Product Management or Product Marketing if CS3 has been “tested” — which implies “to Adobe standards and full coverage”, at the quality/frequence that they would stand behind, and the answer would is”no”. Thus the verbiage in the FAQ.
    But if you asked most product teams casually and informally if there has been testing done, and I beleive most teams would have to say “yes”. Just not nearly enough that Adobe could say that the suites have full coverage that they would stand behind.

  3. Chris – as stated in the updated FAQ, Safari wants to run as a 64bit application but Adobe Acrobat & Adobe Reader (and their associated browser plugin) run in 32bit mode. That means you need to change Safari to run 32bit as well. No big deal and we have a KB article on the subject.
    Leonard Rosenthol
    Adobe Systems

  4. It seems that after upgrading to Snow Leopard, all the keyword data in Bridge CS3 is lost.
    [I don’t see how that’s possible, as Bridge always writes the keywords immediately to the files. It’s not a database like Lightroom. –J.]
    Can you point me in any directions that might help me recover it? I have thousands of tagged photos, hate to have lost all those hours…
    [Maybe your cache somehow got corrupted/disassociated from the files. Please try choosing Tools->Cache->Purge Cache for this Folder. That should cause Bridge to re-index the files, including the keywords they contain. –J.]
    Thank you!

  5. I upgraded to Snow Leopard and whenever I try to “save as” Photoshop crashes (cs3 & cs4). I read that removing the Menlo font may help. Is that at all true?

  6. I just did a fresh install of Snow Leopard and CS4 Design Premium. But the Adobe Updater does not find any updates (like PS 11.0.1 or Acrobat 9.1).
    A Bug?

  7. I have the same problem CS4 and SL; crashes upon save As to Jpeg. Yuk
    [Apple is working on a bug fix that will hopefully address this problem (which is not specific to/limited to Photoshop). –J.]

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