Housekeeping: CAPTCHA mechanism changed

I saw a number of complaints about the CAPTCHA system (i.e. the wavy text used to deter spam-bots) causing problems in the browser. The blogging admins have now switched it to use the more accessible “What’s 2+2” system I previously had installed. If you experience any problems with the new mechanism, please let me know (jnack at, in case commenting isn’t working for you). Thanks.

7 thoughts on “Housekeeping: CAPTCHA mechanism changed

  1. An issue about captcha I don’t see discussed much is that it is very challenging for the aged and people with declining vision.
    [That’s one reason I wanted to return to the system that you now see. It relies on simple questions, not weird-looking lettering. –J.]
    My mother-in-law is an example. She’s in her mid-70s. Captcha on Yahoo is a big challenge for her that causes her a lot of frustration.
    I understand the reason for it. πŸ˜‰ I have several spammer attempts each day on my site. I don’t use captcha. People have to register and then I have to review and unblock them. Their e-mail address has to be live.
    [Unfortunately, when you work for a big multi-national company, things like requiring user registration become much more complicated. –J.]
    This has kept the spammers off. But it’s a hassle for me and — more important — it can be several hours until they get activated. (I have to sleep sometimes. LOL.) That can discourage people from participating.

  2. I think it’s Four!
    Also, why don’t you guys switch to some better blogging engine?
    Also #2, why the people at Adobe who really blog a lot, like you, don’t get a REALLY good blog engine, maybe custom made? I know that it could be a corporate drama, but by the freedom-of-speech, couldn’t you have your own blog? (I seriously do not know how is the corporate structure, and I do not know what your contract says πŸ˜› )
    [Yeah, I don’t really know, either. For a long time the blogging infrastructure was run on an old Trash-80 powered by a half-dead hamster. I’m not kidding when I say it would take 5+ minutes for any change to appear on the live site. I’m just grateful to have gotten some nice upgrades in recent months. –J.]

  3. Geez. I’ve tried posting before. I just thought you didn’t like what I had to say. Every time I had tried to post, even when I put in the correct answer, my posting was denied as SPAM.
    If this works, I’ll be surprised.

  4. I must have missed the CAPTCHA mechanism. I was posting back when you had us type in ‘photoshop’ and now it’s the sophisticated math problem I need a calculator for.
    But all in all I like it better than the CAPTCHA stuff. Never have liked that at all.
    I find at times when I hit sites like that I’ll refresh the page a dozen times before I find something legible to begin with that I know won’t be rejected.

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