A Post-Apocalyptic "Where's Waldo?"

Bruce Haley, whose stirring war photography I’ve mentioned previously, has come up with a novel idea:

I decided to feed the industrial junkies and gamers and sci-fi nuts and add to the dialogue on dead machinery…  so I dumped a ton of photos onto my site that have never been seen before, in a section entitled “The Post-Apocalyptic World,” and also threw a contest into the mix…  It’s sort of a end-of-days “Where’s Waldo?” type of thing: Amidst all of the vast wastelands of rust and abandonment, one can find six people and a dog…  so the first 5 people who find these will get a free copy of my limited-edition portfolio.

Details about the project are in the “Contest 9-9-09” section.

3 thoughts on “A Post-Apocalyptic "Where's Waldo?"

  1. Despite the above comment (I never told anyone they were “18th”), there are still two portfolios to be won as of today (Sept. 23rd)… my thanks to all for the kind words…!

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