5 thoughts on “New Pixel Bender Technology Center

  1. I find very interesting how things develop ADOBE to make life easier. But we run up against a fundamental mistake … Beginners think modern design is being just press and slide buttons (see BW CS3). In this respect ADOBE is doing a disservice.
    Seeing the instructor teaching PixelBender seems that the world knows the programming language.
    I hope that soon will emerge on the horizon any tools to exercise creativity, rather than facilitated the sale of products easy to use …
    sorry my bad english…

  2. I agree with Richado, so much of the new technology from Adobe requires some knowledge of programming. All the new developments, and there are many many new developments, are being presented by technicians who are absolutely unaware of HOW TO INSTRUCT DESIGNERS WHO ARE NOT PROGRAMMERS. Common sense seems to have left Adobeland.

  3. I think that this is a valid comment. Pixel Bender is a programming language for programmers. It doesn’t make doing advanced filter development easy for non-programmers, but it does make filter development easier than it is currently. If you wanted to write a Photoshop plug-in right now, you need to write C++ and compile and test it for Windows 32 and 64bit OSes as well as MacOS. Pixel Bender makes that a lot easier. There are some 3rd party tools for PS that do make creating custom filters easier. We hope to make Pixel Bender authoring easier too. I don’t know if we’ll satisfy your needs, but it is something we think about.

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