3 thoughts on “(rt) Photography: Life & death from above, & more

  1. CHI Flat Irons provide CHI 44 Ceramic Technology, different plate sizes and features for every hair style and texture. Go for volume, or from wet to dry, express your personality or create any style by choosing one of these multi-use appliances. Additionally, the CHI Original Flat Iron is ergonomic design limits strain on the hands and wrists during use. The CHI Flat Iron set the standards for professional hair straightening, and it remains the standard for the basic professional flat iron.

  2. Spacewatch is one of the programs working to map all the space rocks in the solar system that may prove dangerous to life on Earth. So far, in 2006 alone, Spacewatch has detected 205 PHAs, or Potentially Hazardous Asteroids. Scientists have even developed a scale for ranking the perceived danger of PHAs. The Torino Scale was devised during a conference in the city of the same name. The Torino Scale ranks objects from 0 – meaning no chance of impacting Earth, to 10 – meaning the collision is certain and large enough to have global consequences. The current highest values for any near-Earth object is one, which gives it an unlikely chance to impact with Earth. This would be comforting if we had located and were tracking a majority of the objects, however of the 1 million-some space rocks believed to be in our vicinity, we have a long way to go.

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