What's "Adobe Player for Embedding" & why would I care?

You might have seen this name pop up recently among CS5 updates. “APE” is essentially WebKit (the open-source, HTML-rendering engine behind Safari and Chrome) plus Flash Player.  Or, put another way, it’s Adobe AIR (which is WebKit + Flash) with modifications to support Suite extensibility (e.g. things like Configurator).  In any case, you’ll want to download the recent update (if you haven’t already) as it addresses bugs & security issues.

6 thoughts on “What's "Adobe Player for Embedding" & why would I care?

  1. John,
    Numb nuts here, Doe that mean my web site (flash) can be seen on IPAD?? or watch videos that have flash videos on IPAD or IPHONE 4.0??
    Ken in KY

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