Watch today's Adobe MAX 2010 keynote live

Lots of interesting info will be forthcoming in Adobe’s keynote presentations today & tomorrow.  I’ve had a little hand in whipping up some cool stuff for today, and I’m looking forward to seeing other secret sauce unveiled.  Check out the sessions live:


Welcome to the Revolution
Monday, October 25, 9:30 am-11:30 am PDT (convert time zone)

We are in the midst of a revolution across a variety of screens, new input methods, new formats, and new distribution models. Join Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch as he shares insights, future perspectives, and plenty of demos.


User Experience: The Next Generation
Tuesday, October 26, 10:00 am-12:00 pm PDT (convert time zone)

User expectations and experiences are evolving rapidly, and Adobe has long taken the lead in creating the tools and services to design for the future. Join us to be inspired (and, yes, entertained) as we show you the future of building interactive and engaging experiences in ways you’ve yet to imagine.


5 thoughts on “Watch today's Adobe MAX 2010 keynote live

  1. Seems really interesting but, where are the links to watch it live!? I see the online section on Max 2010 website but no link to watch live… Anywone?

  2. Adobe Edge’s ETA ?
    Sounds like it could speed up some of my jQuery hand coding.
    A visual representation in a timeline is always more natural to me then increasing/decreasing microseconds in Vim.
    I was hoping for something built into Flash though. Imagine Flash as the ultimate jQuery/Canvas/CSS3 authoring tool.

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