New features in the WYSIWYG DiskFonts panel

Developer Anastasiy Safari’s DiskFonts panel has gotten a major update to version 1.2. He writes:

Now one can organize fonts with favorites and bookmark paths with fonts for later use, right inside Photoshop and other CS3, 4, and 5 apps. There are so many new features and improvements, so I’ll just mention some highlights:

  • Drag and drop of stylized text directly into document
  • iPhone/iPod/Android support (you can view the fonts from your computer on these mobile devices)
  • Fast font rendering with Pixel Bender.

The panel costs $29.

7 thoughts on “New features in the WYSIWYG DiskFonts panel

  1. Hi John,
    I hope you had some good rest.
    Again one of your post which opens up the old discussion: can we expect an Adobe Photoshop NATIVE Font Manager/Explorer (whateveryoucallit) in any future release.
    It’s not about $29, it’s not about $50, it’s all about having another 3rd party panel residing in PS.
    You know me and about my wishes about carrying all my nicely configured PS everywhere “PS to-go”

    1. An interesting idea, if this font manager works, like on the video – then wow! I’m graphic designer and I was always looking for something like that for my lovely 10K+ fonts collection. And I hope works without installing fonts – just previewing and inserting them. Thank you thank you thank you for the link – I’m really amazed. Downloading demo, will write my feedback here soon…

    2. @Thomas: this font manager is what you have been looking for. It is as embedded into PS interface as embedded gets. It is generally great to use, but if you are using a tablet you will find it seamless, responsive and bug free. Give a peace a chance, man. 🙂 Best money you’ll ever spend on a tool, seriously. Well maybe comparable only to Magic Picker.

      1. I’m not about to provoke any riot here.
        Sadly I seem to be the only one who is seeing the light.
        After many years in support (no, not Adobe support) i got a clue how most of the people think and work: very awkward.
        And that’s because they’ve never seen nor looking for any better.
        As I mentioned also in another discussion, it’s not about the extra cost, it’s about the fact that someone had to come up with the idea and knowledge to build a piece of software (panel) which i was waiting for since the ninetees and fixed the font problem which Adobe has simply overslept. I mean Ps, Ai, Id, all worldwide known graphics related software, used by millions of people???
        Jeez, I’m a true outsider.

        1. following your line, the photoshop itself should be made by microsoft or apple 😉 and windows should be made by ibm… it’s cool that it’s not like that… and adobe supports plugins (while many others don’t)

    3. it doesn’t matter if it’s native or not…. It works and does a great job, you know. and it’s developing…
      i’m using this font manager since first version, and it came a long way to a great and intuitive fonts soft…install fonts…organize… adobe opened a door for 3rd parties and it could be used to extend native functionality into particular areas… photoshop being updated once in two years… this panel updates once in two months… i love the way it works… wish the other software worked that way

  2. Very cool! I got a chance to throw in my 2 cents during creation of this plugin 🙂 Anastasiy (the creator of this panel) is very responsive and always provides a fast feedback and actually implements people’s suggestions suggestions. A good way to manage fonts and especially I love the way you can drag and drop the title you just wrote right inside your document. A really cool thing when you’re on the tight schedule, like me.

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