Photoshop CS5 iPad companions get new features

The three companion apps have been enhanced, and for a limited time the price of Adobe Eazel has been reduced to $2.99. Details:

  • Adobe Eazel (watercolor painting) – You now have easy access to the paintings you create with the new Eazel image gallery, and you’re able to save and open artwork within the app.
  • Adobe Color Lava (color mixing) – Using the iPad 2’s built-in camera, you can now capture images from within Color Lava, then pick color inspiration from captured images to dab, swirl and mix into custom color themes.
  • Adobe Nav (tool & document control) – You can now transfer images directly from your iPad photo library into Photoshop CS5 for editing, designing and retouching.


Please let us know what you think.

7 thoughts on “Photoshop CS5 iPad companions get new features

  1. I think a universal version of Nav (that works with the iPhone 4) would be great. I’m iPadless at the moment and always have the thing on my desk, wish I could use it with Photoshop.

  2. Hey,
    I have tried Nav, and I must say that I see no use of it. The few commands that it allows are not enough for me to use Photoshop, and my left hand needs to constantly move from iPad to Keyboard making any work very VERY slow. Furthermore, pressing these shortcuts via keyboard is easier if nothing else then because you can feel the key below your fingertips. When you look at any good Photoshopper, you will notice left hand working in a blur over keyboard pressing shortcuts etc … I’m sorry to say, but Nav is just a gimmick. Nicely made gimmick, but still … gimmick.

  3. When Nav updated and I used it to open my Brushes sketch directly in Photoshop- I couldn’t stop grinning. How darn seemless! When I do sketches, when I make iPad screen caps there’s no more painful syncing and transfer. Thanks for this. Everyone I show it to thinks iPad should just work that way with everything.

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