Props for the After Effects Warp Stabilizer

Well-known cinematographer Vincent Laforet has some kind words for the new tool in AE CS5.5:

What truly inspired me was the ability to shoot handheld footage at a high resolution, knowing full well that I could later stabilize it with technology such as Adobe CS 5.5′s Warp Stabilizer… Warp Stabilizer is truly AMAZING – and I’m not exaggerating here. This technology has the potential to change the way many of us shoot – allowing us to rely less on complex stabilization devices – and more on smaller less complex camera support platforms. This will allow filmmakers to shoot with a bit more freedom – which is exciting.

Vincent promises to share more details soon. In the meantime, enjoy the work he’s been capturing with the RED Epic 5K camera, bits of which were stabilized in AE:

One thought on “Props for the After Effects Warp Stabilizer

  1. problemn is warp stabilizer is slow compared to say prodad mercalli. and the results “wobble” so that it can only be used for certain footage.
    i tried warp stabilizer with some footage, filmed my sisters baby, and her face looked distorted after warp stabilizer.
    i ended up using mercalli because it was MUCH faster as warp stabilizer for this job of “traditionell” stabilizing.

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