CS5/CS5.5 Printing Guide now available

Printers & production artists, this one’s for you:

The CS5 / CS5.5 Printing Guide (PDF) is an in-depth technical reference guide designed especially for printers and production artists to help them learn the best ways of handling and preparing CS5 and CS5.5 files for print.

5 thoughts on “CS5/CS5.5 Printing Guide now available

  1. “on Windows, using Printer Manages Colors will
    compress the gamut of images to sRGB color space when printing,”
    Really, John? Which Windows and since when? Dave P., are you reading?

    1. Well Phil,
      Lets’s have a hope that
      one day the Photoshop Team will start to use Windows, too. And they do not forget that at least 50% of their customers use the other operating system – Windows.

      1. I have no such concern. I know they are very much across Windows. In fact, many Mac users make the same complaint (in fact, more Mac complaints than Windows complaints in my experience) that Adobe is Windows driven and not OS X driven.
        The fact that both sides complain is comfort to me that they’re addressing both as well as they can 🙂
        This little printing nugget, though, surprises me.

    2. I’m pretty sure that’s what happens on my HPZ3100ps by default.
      Although the default color space profile can be changed using the driver’s printing preferences…
      So maybe that’s what the text is intended to convey.

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