6 thoughts on “Watch today's Photoshop World keynote, live

  1. Yeah, John, we all know it’s time for Photoshop CS6 🙂
    [Actually 5.5 came out just a couple of months ago. –J.]

  2. Multiple and reorganiseable effects in a single layer style? This *will* be newsworthy! Can’t wait 😉
    [I’m afraid I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one: The layer styles were written in a very specific, inflexible way. Having said that, it’s a good request, and there may be other ways to skin the cat. –J.]

  3. Congratulations John. Carousel looks very exciting! I assume you had a lot to do with this.
    [I wish I could take more credit. I was the PM early on, but then I passed the mic and jumped over to another project that’s in the works. I think the team has done a great job, and I’ll be posting more info shortly. –J.]

  4. Wish I would have tuned in an hour ago! Is there anywhere I can watch the Keynote online after the fact? Congratulations!
    [Yep–I’m told the keynote video(s) should be available shortly; please stay tuned. –J.]

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