5 thoughts on “Adobe HTML5 animation survey

  1. Some of the questions, including and especially the first question, are a bit too binary. There’s no easy answer to that. Of course I would want support for the latest CSS3 etc, but I need stuff to work on IE9 as well… for mobile, not as much.

  2. Adobe has made a huge mistake by treating Mac users as second class citizens. Mac users are disproportionately Adobe users.
    [And Mac users–of which I’ve been one for 20+ years–disproportionately like to fancy themselves as put-upon victims. Never mind Lightroom, Revel, etc. launching as Mac- and iOS-first; never mind all the Windows software brought to the Mac. The *point*, for some people, is to feel put out. –J.]

    1. Would you care to explain what you are complaining about? There’s nothing in this post or survey that strikes me as being overly Windows or Android Centric? Am i missing something?
      Also, 10 years ago, adobe was one of the only companies to treat mac users as citizens AT ALL.

  3. tdenmark, let also not forget how Apple has treated Adobe. Apple seems to have went out of their way over flash and other things just to make Adobe less interested in working with them. Adobe isn’t perfect but neither is Apple.

  4. Just tried Edge out for a walk cycle animation
    And did a comparison with Flash
    Looks good to me. Need to test on mobile devices… But I can’t say that older browser compatibility is a big worry for me.
    Have been using Flash since 1998… and am VERY sad to see Apple push it down the plughole.
    HTML5 seems more clunky, less accessible, less easily controlled, less user friendly.
    Still, have to move with the times… and I will !
    Will fill in the survey now.

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