*Real* airbrushes & pencils, in Photoshop?

What if your airbrush sprayed a real 3D cone of paint, so that tilting your stylus affected the shape you laid down? And what if pencils could actually wear down as you drew, producing interesting effects?
Oh, wait: in the CS6 beta, now they can. Deke McClelland shows how:

6 thoughts on “*Real* airbrushes & pencils, in Photoshop?

  1. Thanks for posting this. You just sold me on upgrading. Has anyone done a video of the Buidup feature on the new Brushes palette? Have Wet Edges changed at all or is it simply just the same on/off check box? I’ve always wished that it would also incorporate a slider to allow me to control how wet the edges are.

      1. If John Nack suggests HTML5 layers for Photoshop on feedback.photoshop.com, I’ll vote for it 🙂
        [Damn, I should try that! Clearly, my actually managing the product never gave me the power to get the job done… –J.]

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