Camera Raw 7.1 & DNG Converter 7.1 now available

Per the Lightroom Journal:

Camera Raw 7.1 is now available on and through the update mechanism in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Camera Raw 7.1 adds new Defringe controls to help address chromatic aberration. Defringe is available as part of the Lens Correction panel. Camera Raw can also now read 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit HDR files. Supported HDR formats are TIFF and DNG.  Photoshop CS6 customers can upgrade to Camera Raw 7.1.  Customers of previous versions of Photoshop can utilize DNG Converter 7.1 for raw file support for newly added cameras.

See the LR Journal post for a list of the dozens of cameras now supported & new lens profiles added.

3 thoughts on “Camera Raw 7.1 & DNG Converter 7.1 now available

  1. Someone says that new Camera RAW works faster than older camera RAW. Can anyone confirm that? I wonder if Adobe re-written program in a way that it takes full potential of every core in CPU or may-be code is just lighter.. ?

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