(T)ether: A spatially-aware system for animation & annotation

Hey, it’s the return of my (not at all) beloved Nintendo Power Glove!
Cynical take: “Oh, you were bitching that UIs requiring you to lift your hands & touch a screen would make you tired? Wait’ll you have to hold up an iPad in one hand just so you can re-create Lawnmower Man! You’ll be built like Jeff Fahey in no time, tuffy!”
Actual take: Cool!

Check out the project site for more info.
[Via Dave Simons]

One thought on “(T)ether: A spatially-aware system for animation & annotation

  1. That rocks. About 8 years ago, I was working with a team as an advisor to build a laptop system with ‘micro’ GPS cells. The idea was to install these cells in critical buildings so security and emergency response teams could enter the building in complete dark, using a laptop. The laptop used the Unreal game engine to take the GPS signals and show a wireframe of the building as you walk through it. Key items such as circuit panels and other equipment had high-resolution images, which were built into the model.
    The pilot system had enough fidelity to orient in map-like 2D, but you couldn’t look up/down with the GPS system.
    I’d love to see this kind technology (shown above) used for building-specific security and maintenance.
    Seriously cool stuff.

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